No help from the guitar player announcement part 2

Maanantai 4.5.2015 klo 10.07 - Jarspis

I’m still posting in English because it’s still about our foreign tour.

We announced that we're a poor man’s version of the great punk folk duo Jaakko & Jay but it turns out we’ll be a rich man’s version after all. We’ll perform the shows in Tallinn and Tartu as three-piece as usual. However, our dear friend and band member Kimmo still won’t be able to be a part of the tour which means that I (Jarspis) am still forced to play guitar.

But: We asked around for a designated driver and our friend and partner in music business Mikko is willing to drive us to the great unknown and back. And Mikko will also play bass! Isn’t that awesome! We haven't had a rehearsal just yet but Hessu and Mikko have gone through the songs while heavy drinking so what could possible go wrong?

So, despite what we announced earlier we are not an acoustic band, our gigs won’t be performed acoustic and we probably won’t even have an acoustic guitar with us. It’s going to be a huge punk rock experience for everyone! As usual.

P.S. Our band was formerly called Jarspis’s Allstars and everyone were always telling us that the name is misspelled even though it wasn’t. At the moment our tour name (The Early 80's Speedmetal – tour) is in a matter of fact spelled wrong and everyone are just fine with it.

Ja sama suomeksi, että meidän faijakin ymmärtää. Ystävämme Mikko ajaa autoa ja soittaa bassoa Tallinnan ja Tarton keikoilla.