No Help from the Guitar Player - tour

Torstai 30.4.2015 klo 9.56 - Jarspis

Hello. I’m posting this in English, because it’s about our first non-Finland tour ever!

First of all, we like tour names. That is why we always name our tours, even when they are not tours at all. Just a number of shows in a row-ish. For example, the on-going tour is called ‘The Early 80's Speedmetal – tour’ and it lasts from March to July including nine shows. So not really a tour but we still like to call it a tour and we like to name things even more.

Anyway, The Early 80's Speedmetal – tour isn’t the foreign tour I mentioned earlier. It’s a two-show-tour in Estonia, kind a tour inside a tour and it’s different from our regular shows in many ways. Well, mostly in a way that our guitar player Kimmo won’t be joining us for those shows in Tallinn and Tartu :( cause he has to work. That is also one of the reasons we call it the great No Help from the Guitar Player –tour. (Actually we got some help from Kimmo, he told me (Jarspis) how to play a chord in a song cause I couldn’t figure it out (and I changed it anyway cause I couldn’t make it sound right (It’s a really weird chord, it kind a has a F power chord played on higher strings and has a low F#-note added in. Strange.)))

The tour name also references to on-going tour of a great band and good friends of ours who’s tour has one of the coolest tour names we’ve heard. That is of course Jaakko & Jay’s No Help from the Record Label -European tour 2015 (If you don’t know who we’re talking about you should check them out at On the Estonian tour we are kind of like the poor man’s version of Jaakko & Jay with acoustic guitar and drums. I (Jarspis) play guitar and Hessu (Hessu) plays drums as usual. We had a practice yesterday and it sounded fine even though I was really nervous about playing guitar and the deep sound of bass guitar really was missed (really!). Me and Kimmo also played an semi-acoustic show with two guitars in my home town Riihimäki last week and since it was a great success (in a way :D) it gave me confidence.

Anyway part 2, we believe it’s gonna be a great road trip and it’s always fun to bring our music to new people. By the way, if there’re any Estonians reading this, we have all our merchandise (records and t-shirts) in not-five-finger-but-five-euros discount and maybe we’ll even have something special just for you so bring on the cash!

See ya!

15.5. Ülase 12, Tallinn w/ Blossom Hill
16.5. Crocodile Club, Tartu w/ Blossom Hill

Edit: Our friend and driver at the Estonian tour Mikko will also play bass. So we’ll be a three-piece after all.


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